Sara Sandberg 2008

The measurements of this box are to fit the Thanks Accordion, and is 8 cm x 8 cm when finished.   If you want a smaller or larger box, you need to increase or decrease your measurements by 3 cm for every 1 cm you want it bigger/smaller.  Cut a piece 1 cm bigger for your lid.

Cut a piece of patterned paper 23 x 23 cm.  The first step is to fold the four corners into the centre.  I find this easier by marking the centre.  You could also mark points exactly half way along the sides.

Fold the bottom up to the centre, unfold it and do the same to all four sides.

Now, we are going to bring the right hand corner in like a beak!

Pinch the fold, then do the same with the left hand side.

Fold the flap over into the box and push it down.  Now do the same with the other side, and you’re done!

Do the same with a piece of 24  x 24 cm paper for the lid.

Open the top and bottom sections as shown.

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