Sara Sandberg 2009

Cardmaking Paradise, Members’ Area

Roll the basket round and attach the tab to the inside.

Pop a blob lf glue under the loose paper end.

Keep the join at the middle back, and flatten the basket.

Cut a 1.5 cm strip of the long edge of an A4 piece of card, and concertina fold it, with approx 2.5 cm between each fold.  Don’t worry about measuring it, just fold it!

Pop a piece of double sided tape on each end.  

Take the backing off one end, and stick it inside tne basket, about half way down.

Take the backing off the other piece of tape, and flatten the basket onto it.

Punch some flowers, and add stems to them.

Pop a blob of glue on the bottom of the stems, and stick the flowers on the concertina folded card.

You could attach the flowers before sticking the concertina in the basket.  I stiick it in the basket first as it helps with my flower arranging!!!

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