Sara Sandberg 2009

Cardmaking Paradise, Members’ Area

This lovely egg in an envelope was given to me by Amber Bain.  I thought it was such a lovely idea, I adapted the design to make a version that stands up like an egg cup.  Thank you Amber!

I have done two sizes of this template, one for a Kinder Egg, the other for a Cream Egg.

Kinder Egg


Cream Egg


Print your template out and draw round the outside of it onto your card.  Don’t worry about the inside lines at this stage.  Cut out.

Now cut along the score lines on the bottom and side of the template, place it on your cut out piece and draw round it.

Egg Envelope SVG
egg envelope kinder.zip

We have now created extra templates in mtc, studio and svg formats. Click here to download the zip file containing these files for this project.

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