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Big Letters

Click on the Word Art Icon. Newer versions of Word - click on Insert, and then Word Art.

In newer versions of word, when you click on your Word Art, the bar shown below appears across the top.  In the Arrange section, click on the icon shown below and you get the option to flip your text.

Make your own Big Letter embellishments using Microsoft Word!

Step 1

Open a new Microsoft Word document.

Step 2

Step 3

Select the hollow letter Word Art

Step 4

Type the letter you want, and click OK

Step 5

The letter you typed now appears on your page. Click on it so that the selection box appears with the black dots around it.

Step 6

Click on one of the corner dots and drag it out to the size you want. If you want the letter to stay in proportion, hold down the shift key as you do this.

Step 7

You can now print it out and use it as a stencil.

If your printer can print on card, you can flip the letter and print it on the back of your card to cut out.

In older versions of Word you do this via the Draw menu at the bottom of your page shown below.  When you click the drop down menu arrow, the Rotate or Flip option appears.

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