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Double Card Box

Project and Template designed by Sara Sandberg

{Click here for Netti’s lovely version of this template}

Card Box, Netti Card Case Single

{Click here for the template}

card case for double.pdf

Cut out two of the template, cutting the solid lines and folding the dotted lines. Use a bone folder to give nice crisp folds.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

When using a bone folder, swipe from the middle to the edge in both directions to keep your fold accurate.

Turn your piece over, so the outside is facing you, and put adhesive on the two outside flaps as shown.

Tuck the sides in, and carefully fold the card over to stick to your flaps.

Step 4

I used my bone folder to press the flap down to stick properly.

Now make the second box in the same way.

Put adhesive on the inside of the top flap, and join your two boxes together as shown below.

Step 5

You can now add some ribbon if you like - either attaching it just at the front, and covering with an embellishment or card, alternatively you can wrap it right round the box.

I thought it would be nice to give you a double version of the card case too! Netti has made this beautiful version of it, which you can see in more detail on the next page.