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Dress Form Shaped Card

{Click here for the templates}

dress forml template

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

Step 1

Step 2

Be careful when you are cutting the swirl of the ‘feet’ of the stand not to bend the card, as this will weaken it and prevent it from standing up.

The templates for all three dress form shapes are below.

Use a heavy cardstock for the dress form base as a thin card will not stand easily.

If you find the cutting hard, don’t worry about cutting the swirl, just chop it off as a curve.

Step 3

Fold one of your dress forms in half as shown. Make sure that the leg that has a flat bottom is at the back of your folded piece, and the fold is on the left.

Step 4

Glue the folded piece to the back of the flat dress form piece as shown. You may find it easier to decorate your dress form before this stage.

Step 5

When you put this card in an envelope keep the back bit folded.

Now our design team have come up with some absolutely stunning examples! Click the link below to take a look at them.

{more Design Team dress form cards}

Dress Form - Lainey Down (child)