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Father Christmas Card

{Click here for the template}

Father Christmas Template

Step 1

Cut out your templates and lay them out ready to use. Please note that the templates are not symmetrical, so make sure you have the two beard pieces the same way round.

Instead of cutting circles you can use circle pnches. The nose is a Stampin’ Up! 1” punch, the eyes are a Stampin’ Up! 3/4” punch and a 1/2” punch for the black circles.

Step 2

This fun card stands out from the crowd - and is very easy to make! It was inspired by an old Danish Christmas decoration we had when the children were small.

I have run the beard through a swirls embossing folder, and the hat trim and bobble through a mesh embossing folder. I have then inked the edges of all the white bits with Bordering Blue ink, using a square of Cut n Dry Foam.

Print off the PDF from the templates page to lay your pieces on while you stick them together.

Put the back hat trim on first, followed by the hat, and then the two beard pieces - make sure you have both hat trim pieces and beard pieces the same way round, as they are not symmetrical. Next stick the moustache and nose in place.

Step 3

Now put some double sided tape or glue along the top, and attach two pieces of thread down to where the eyes will go. Glue the eye pieces front and back of the thread, and add a small black circle.

Step 4

Turn your piece over, and bend the back beard piece up from below the hat trim.  Add the bobble to the hat, and you’re done!

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