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Flower Easel Card

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg.

As well as the templates, we also have a little label for you to put on the card showing how to stand it! Click the above picture for video instructions.

{Click here for the template}

Flower Easel Card Template

Step 1

Cut out your templates. Fold the double flower in half - don’t worry that they are not identical when folded! Now fold the top piece back in half along the dotted lines on the template.

Step 2

Check your single flower is the right way up as it is not symmetrical! I has one longer petal bottom right. I didn’t do it to be awkward - I just thought it looked better!

Step 3

Glue the single flower to the upturned flower base as shown. Top right is the side view once attached.

Step 4

For my card I now cut another flower in a patterned paper. I then inked the edges with a piece of cut n’dry foam to match the background.

Step 5

I pulled the petals between a round handle and my thumb gently several times, which gives the petals a lovely rounded shape. Now I stuck this patterned flower on top of the background attaching it just in the centre.

Flower Easel Card Template

Step 6

I fringed the outside of my centre circle, then covered the middle with Glossy accents, and sprinkled small beads over it.

Step 7

Once dry, I cut thin strips of acetate, and stuck them to the back of my circle as shown.

When this was dry, I turned it over and trimmed the acetate pieces a bit, then put a dab of stickles silver glitter glue on the end of each piece.

When this was dry, I carefully ran the pieces between my thumb and scissors to give them a slight curve. I now attached it to my flower using a dimensional sticky pad.

Step 8

I added a punched butterfly as a stopper for my flower, and a Cuttlebug punched greeting.