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Flower Embellishment

Here Hilda shares with us how she made her flower embellishment on her gorgeous X Card.

Fourth layer - cut down approx 1 cm between two petals, then cut out the centre, leaving you with a strip of petals - roll this up as tightly as possible (a quilling tool is ideal for this) then let the coil gently relax so the centre opens a little and glue the end to stop it opening any further

Step 1

Punch or die cut 5 x 6 petal flowers. Shape the petals by pulling them over closed blades of your scissors

Step 2

Bottom layer - cut a slit between two of the petals down to the centre and layer the petals on either side of the cut, having cut off the top half of the bottom petal. Invert the base by gently pushing the point with your finger

Step 3

Second layer - Remove one of the petals and discard. Layer the two petals on either side as before. Cut off the pointed base.

Step 4

Third layer - Remove two petals and discard. Continue as above.

Step 5

Fifth layer - cut a strip as for the 4th layer, remove two of the petals and roll the remaining four petals into a tight coil for the centre piece. Do not let this unwind, and glue the end.

Step 6

Here are Hilda’s instructions.

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