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Gameboy 3DS template

Cut the template out in black card. Paste the background image or picture you want to have on your screen behind the screen cut out as shown. The top screen, at the bottom should be glued in dabs not solidly so that you can poke things down it.

Gameboy 3DS

Project and Template designed by Sara Sandberg

Step 1

The latest thing at the top of a lot of children’s birthday lists at the moment is the latest Gameboy which give a 3D experience without the user having to wear special glasses.

We go one better than that - we give you the Gameboy 3DS experience without even having to buy one!

Step 2

Cut out the things you want to be coming out as the 3d effect. I have chosen to replicate the background, and so have cut balloons out and added threads to hang from the bottom.

Step 3

Stick a thin strip of acetate to your 3D piece. Glue it as if it was going to come right out the top. When it’s dry, fold it down level with the top of the shape as shown.

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Gameboy 3D