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{Click here for the template}

Heart Book

I recommend looking at the PDF from the templates in the link above as it will make the instructions a lot clearer.

First, cut a piece of card 16 cm x 5 cm, and score it every 2 cm along.

Concertina fold it.

On the valley fold line - look at the pdf template to see clearly - measure down 1 cm and mark it. Do the same on the bottom edge.

Fold that piece back so you can see the line, and cut in 1cm.  The PDF will make this clear to you.

I now put it in my fiskars cutter and score between the two cut lines.

This next bit is a bit fiddly - you now need to tease those cut out sections back as shown below.

Scroll down the page if you want the heart shapes cut out. If you are having a solid back, you now use the other piece as shown in the PDF and fold and decorate it.

Little Heart Concertina Book

{Click here for next steps}

Heart Concertina - DT

If you would like to have the heart cut outs, follow the link below.

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg