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Magic Slider Card

Give someone a magical day with this fun card!

Fold the card in half both vertically and horizontally.
Take an A4 piece of card, and trim it by 1cm length and widthways.
Using a hole punch cut a semi-circle out of the centre of the fold.  When you have done this see if you can fold the card shut easily (A+B over onto C). you may have to trim a small amount off the inside edge of A.
Open the card up, and cut a 6.5 cm x 9.5 cm aperture out of the centre of section C.
Cut a piece of acetate 13 x 7.3 cm.  Place it level with the top edge of section C and stamp your image level with
Stamp the same image on a piece of card and colour it in.
Put the stamped acetate piece over the stamped card, and line the images up.
Carefully keep the images still as you cut round the acetate HOWEVER do not cut straight down the sides to the bottom – leave 0.5 x 0.5 feet sticking out of the card.
Push the stamped card through the slot between section A and B.  Carefully put double sided tape round the three edges of section B as shown and fold flap A down to stick.
Pull the stamped card right up through the slot, and place the acetate image over it.  When the two are aligned, secure them at the top.  Put double tape along the 3 edges of folded down section A as shown, and fold over the front cover, section C.
Cut out the top right hand quarter.
Fold section A down onto section B, and mark a point on the back of section A 1.5 cm from both top sides.  Cut a slither off this fold between these two points.
While the card is closed, use the punched semi-circle as a stencil to draw where you need to punch on the front cover.  Open the card and punch the cover in the marked place with your circle punch – hold it upside down so that you can see where you are punching.

Fold an A5 sheet of card in half, and use the circle punch to punch a semi-circle half way across the top front side.  Mount your Magic Slider.

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Magic ATC.pdf

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg.

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