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Free fun shaped card making templates for every occasion!

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Mum/Mom/Mor Card

{Click here for the templates}

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Cut out the outside of the template, and concertina fold the card as shown.

It’s easier to cut the middle sections out if you fold it and cut it as shown. Just cut the slits at the side for now.

Now fold the middle section up along the dotted line, and then back the other way along the dotted line too to loosen the fold. If  you are using a machine to cut the template, it’s worth still doing this step with the middle sections as it makes the next step a lot easier!

Step 4

Push the middle sections back as shown.

Step 5

Fold the individual letters in half.

Step 6

Glue the letters to the card.

You will find the templates for Mum, Mom and Mor in the link below. Our Design Team have also done examples of all these.

{click here for the box}

Box - tuck in

Our Design Team have made some gorgeous samples to show you - please click here to see them.

mum concertina card

Mum Concertina & Box

Design Team Cards:
Netti’s Mum Card
Eileen’s Mor Card
Hilda’s Mom Card
Sara’s ‘Plain’ Card

Box template and instructions

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Down (child) mom mum mor concertina template