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Free fun shaped card making templates for every occasion!

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Side Step Card

{Click here for the template}

Side Step templates

Julie caught me on Facebook one day, and asked if I could do her a template for a side step card - of course I was happy to do this for her, and created templates for the steps either side - and also both sides! Our Design Team have done examples below.


Christa has made this gorgeous New Year card - the steps either side are great to make an important message stand out n the middle.


The main picture in Hilda’s side step card has a beautiful glittery surface. Hilda achieved this by using a piece of Woodware double sided adhesive sheet and sprinkling ultra fine crystal glitter onto it. She rubbed it in with her finger, and then brushed off the excess with a babies toothbrush! What a great idea!


Maggie has made a fun birthday card here, showing how ideal the steps are to give your message in a fun way.

Below is the lovely card Julie (Nursie on our forum) made with the template. If there is a template you would like to see on the site, just let us know!

{Click here to see what Christa has used}

What Christa used

{Click here for the template}

Side Step templates

Step 1

If you have a printer that can print card, print the template directly on the card you are going to use. Use a craft knife and metal edged ruler to cut the solid line in the middle of your piece.  Don’t worry which way the folds are going to be at this stage, it’s easier to fold in the right place if you have your dotted line showing, and fold the card so that the dotted line becomes the crease line.

When you are making the fold, hold the outside edges together so that you know it will be straight.

If you lay your card out, you can see that some of the folds are going in the wrong direction, but they are easily teased into place.

Just fold them the other way to create steps as above.

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