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Swing Cards

The middle of the swing card swings round as it is opened, giving it that special wow factor.  I started off intended doing the normal square centre, then decided to see what other shapes would work. As you can see, the circle worked brilliantly.

Take an A5 piece of card, and score and fold it as per the template.  The dotted lines are where you should score the card, and the solid lines are where you should cut.

Fold the left hand section over, taking care to keep the middle circle flat, don’t fold it with the outside!

Unfold it again and turn your card over, keeping the section you just folded on the left.

Now fold the right hand side over, being careful not to fold the centre section.

Now you can fold the left section back and your card will look like the main picture.

There are templates for swing cards with different shaped centres on the templates page.

{Click here for template}

Swing Card Templates

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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