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Wine Bottle Shaped Card

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wine bottle template

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

Step 1

This is a quick and easy project to do. First cut out the templates - I have also cut out a piece of acetate to give a glass look to my card.

Step 2

I now glued my acetate to the bottle, putting the glue where I knew something would be covering it.

Step 3

I added the bottle ridge.

Step 4

I drew round the bottle top on to some red foil, then cut round it and glued it over my bottle top and ridge, working the metal down and around the ridge.

Step 4

I made a label for the bottle and glued it to the acetate.

Step 5

Add glue above the score line on the back bottle piece, and glue your front piece to it. My card is for a very fun friend, so I added a cheeky message inside!

Now click on the cards below and take a closer look at the lovely bottles our Design Team have made!

wine bottle slideshow wine bottle slideshow wine bottle slideshow wine bottle slideshow