Sara Sandberg 2018


ATC Holder

Step 1

This lovely holder is made by folding and cutting a single sheet of A4 in a similar way to a Maze Book.

Project by Sheelagh Tomsett

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Take an A4 piece of paper and fold in half across and down.

Turn your piece over, and fold the shorter edges into the centre, so when unfolded your piece forms a W with the folds.

Cut up the middle along three of the sections.

Concertina fold up one side of sections.

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

When you get to the top . . .

. . . fold it behind the next section, and concertina fold down the other side. You can stick the two top sections together, or create a pocket with them.

You can make covers for your ATC holder now. Before attaching the back cover, stick a piece of ribbon over the holder as shown, and stick the cover over it.

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The pockets are ATC covers available from craft shops and Ebay! Add double sided tape to the sleeves and attach to your holder making sure the opening is at the top!