Sara Sandberg 2018


Folded Brag Book Project!

Step 1

Take a 12 x 12 piece of card and score lines 4 inches in from the edge as shown.

Step 2

Cut the corner squares out as shown. You can now use a corner rounder to round the corners if you wish.

Step 3

Carefully score another line 1/8 inch out from each of the score lines around the centre as shown.

Step 4

Cut nine 3 inch squares for the cover and decoration of the squares. Keep the left over strips of paper once your squares are cut to use with paper punches for decoration. Use a corner rounder to round the corner of your squares if you like now. Do not stick them on until you have thought about your closure, in step 5.

Sheelagh has loosely sewn on a button leaving room for a ribbon to wrap under it as a closure. You could also use a brad, making sure you secure it loosely enough to have a ribbon wrapped around it. The ribbon is secured behind the back centre piece.

Alternatively, you could have two ribbons to tie together.

Once you know if you have to disguise any brad backs, you can plan your book, and stick down your patterned squares.

By Sheelagh Tomsett

Frames can be formed using punches from strips of cardstock, die cut, slide mounts, using any matching cardstock

Brads, punched flowers, photos can all be added with any theme you would like ie. Pets, children, art or simply as a pocket size reminder of a family event.  The album is an ideal size to pop into your bag.

When complete, fold top down, bottom up, right to left and lastly left cover over. Wind the ribbon from back of album over the brad on the front cover.  Visit our project page for a closer look at Sheel’s brag book for inspiration on how to decorate your own.

Step 5

Step 6