Sara Sandberg 2018


Double Opening Card

Step 1

Fold the outside edges back to the centre fold to create two valley and one mountain fold.

Now is the time to decorate the covers, cover strips and inside pages.

Project and template designed by Sheelagh Tomsett

Fold the long strips in half and crease with a bone folder.

Step 4

Lay the decorated back cover face down.  Glue or tape the back of each folded strip and attach to the cover.

Step 5

Step 6

Step 2

Step 3

Above is how the card will be constructed.  Each strip will be folded and attached to both the front and back cover as shown here from above before adhering.

Once you have made one of these, you will see how easy it is, and how easy it is to make different sized versions. The inside pages are twice the width of the cover.

Cut two each of the following size card;

4” x 11.1/2”  (inside pages)

5 3/4 x 4” (covers)

2 1/2” x 5.3/4” (cover strips).  

Both strips are attached and meet in the centre back to back. Attach the front cover.

Attach ribbon along the back centre of the cover strips. Attach the cover strips to the covers. Tie ribbons at sides of card.

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