Sara Sandberg 2018


Elephant Shaped Card

Step 1

There are three elephant shapes to cut out with the templates.

The elephant with the fold line is the back, the solid elephant the middle, and the elephant with the ear and eye is the front piece.

This card was designed for my lovely Mum’s birthday.

Glue the front elephant to the elephant without the fold line - do not put glue on the ear!

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

Cut out your templates, and ink the edges of your front elephant piece.

Step 4

You can put a dimentional pad behind the ear to raise it slightly.

Step 5

Fold the bottom of the back elephant at the score line.

Fold it back as shown to write in it, or you can write on the back of the elephant..

Step 6

Step 2

Step 3

Glue the back elephant to the rest putting glue above the score line and on the trunk.