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Simple, but very effective!

First of all cut a piece of  card 10 cm x 20 cm for your cover.  Fold it in half and decorate the front.

Now for the inside.  Cut a piece of card 9 cm x 19 cm.  Fold it in half, then fold your folded piece roughly about 1 cm in from folded end.

On the back of your insert, place double sided tape on the two 9 cm x 9 cm squares.

Place your cover on your work surface, and carefully attach the left hand side of your insert to the left hand side of the cover, leaving a 0.5 cm border.

Stick this side!

Making sure your scored lines create this shape . . . . .

Cut three pieces of card 2.5 cm x 7 cm and decorate them, bearing in mind that 2 will be going one way, and the remaining piece will be going a different way, as in the picture above.

Attach a piece of double sided tape to each as shown.

Now attach them either side of your fold in the centre as shown in this picture.

. . . .  Fold the insert over so that it’s closed flat against the front cover . . .

. .  Take off the backing from the double sided tape, and fold the cover over onto it.

Open it up, and refold your creases concertina style as shown.

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