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Valentine Hearts Forever! (Continued)

Step 7

Cut a 20 cm x 10 cm piece of card for the cover.

Take your centre heart, and fold along the score lines as shown below.

I have added a snippet from my Memory Box Embellished Pear die.

Step 8

Take your cover, and turn it so the fold goes horizontally, and add a thin strip of adhesive across the top as shown.

Stick your folded middle section to this making sure to align it well.

Add a thin strip of adhesive to the top edge of the middle section - BUT DO NOT TAKE THE BACKING OFF YET!!! (sorry to shout at you!)

Step 9

Fold the tabs of the heart back, and put glue on them as shown. Carefully place the heart so the tabs are back and position it close to the cut out as shown. If you don’t put it far enough over, it won’t pop out when the card is opened.

Now before the glue dries on the top tab, make sure it is folded back and take the backing off the double sided tape - and carefully fold the cover over and hold down to make sure the heart tab sticks.

I have used more Memory Box dies for my cover - I love the circle border! Cuttlebug embossing folder and letters, and a smudging of gold rubbed carefully over the raised embossed area with my finger.

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