Sara Sandberg 2018


Penguin Shaped Card

Step 1

Take note that the four feet pieces are not the same. The ones with the flat top go on top, the rounder pieces underneath - it is the rounder pieces that show when the card is taken out of the envelope.

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

Step 4

Stick the beak on.

Step 5

Step 6

Step 2

Step 3

Now we are going to put the penguin together. First, take the penguin piece without the feet, and stick the white front on.

Cut out your templates. If you are using a Santa hat cut two of the template pieces for it. Inking the edges really finishes the card nicely - I ink the edges of the white pieces with light blue ink.  

If you are using the Santa hat put it on now.

Stick the eyes on.

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You can stick the Santa hat together before putting it on the penguin this side, but the back of the Santa hat needs to be put on piece by piece, don’t put it together yet!

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