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Star Books continued

Take the pieces you want to be the inside pieces, and put on your worktop with the fold at the top. Fold the card up as shown on the left.

Your card should now look like this. Turn the card over, and repeat to fold the other side.

Step 1

You can now cut an aperture if you like. Don’t go beyond the fold lines though, as this is where we add our adhesive to stick it to the outside piece.

An easy way to cut the aperture is to take a large punch, put it upside down and align your card - and stand on it to punch it!

(This is not a teddy bear, but me in my slippers standing on the punch!)

You attach them in the same way as the previous star book, by sticking one side first . . .

An alternative star book is to have only two layers, with the inside layer folded in a W to create a star shape.

Then folding over your stack to attach the other side.

An alternative

For this cut 5 pieces of card 20cm x 10cm and fold in half.

Cut another 5 pieces in a contrasting colour 20cm x 10cm and fold in half too.

Step 2

With this type of card you put your adhesive on the outside quarters as shown.

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