Sara Sandberg 2018


Wreath Shaped Card

Step 1

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

Second ribbon tie - stick to centre slightly overlapping first tie.

This bow can be used on other projects too!

Cut out your template pieces. Ink the edges of your bow (click here to see a video on inking edges).

Make sure you have got the full bow piece the right way up, as if it is upside down the next part of the bow won’t fit it exactly. Test it out by putting the second part in place to see before sticking down.

Now stick them in the following order.

Take the  full ribbon bow shape.

Stick smaller ribbon bow shape on top.

One ribbon tie - stick to centre.

Finally stick the square on top, and your bow is complete.

Step 2

Take your two wreath circles. The one with the score line and bobbles at the bottom is the back piece. Fold at the score line and add adhesive above it.

I find it best to decorate the front piece before attaching. Add the bow once it is decorated - make sure the bow is at the top and the bobbles at the bottom when you are sticking the front and back together!