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Advent Carton

Here I have made mini sour cream containers, and filled them with little goodies for a unique Advent Carton.

The older children have to find the correct number container each day, but for the younger children they simply have to pull the ribbon to get their day’s treat!

Step 1

To make your sour cream container, take your rectangle of patterned paper (6 cm x 9 cm) and attach double sided tape as shown below.  The tape runs to half way on the top, and covers the middle third at the bottom.   Don’t worry if your tape covers more than this though.

Take off the backing from the top and left pieces.

{Click here for the template}

Step 2

Roll the paper into a cylinder, and stick.   Then flatten the end which has the exposed double sided tape.   Make sure the seam is as shown below.

Advent Carton Templates

Step 3

Step 5

My kids are older, so I used all sorts of things inside.   My nephews are younger, and so I only used chocolate for them as I didn’t want them popping things in their mouth assuming they were sweets!

Step 4

Now take the remaining backing off, and squidge the bottom closed.  Make sure it closes the opposite way to the top as shown.  Most of us have a ribbler in our cupboards somewhere - It’s time to find it and put it to good use!   Give each end of the container a couple of ridges.

I think older children will have more fun hunting for the right number, which is why I have put their treats in a popcorn shaped box.   The template I have given you is for A4 card, so you’ll need 2 to join together.  

{instructions for making the carton}

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