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 Sara Sandberg 2017

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Altered Altoid Tin {2}

Step 4

This tin was painted with Pearl Blue and Pearl Turquoise Lumiere paint.  I then splodged it with alcohol ink.

This tin was painted with Citrine and Pearl Magenta Lumiere paints.  It was then sponged with Black Cherry Stazon.

The lid on the left is painted with lumiere paint, then paint and PVA were mixed and heated to bubble. The lid next to it is covered with vellum and mod podge.

At the top here we have a tin lid painted with black gesso and splodged with paint dabbers. Next to that we have a tin covered with newspaper using mod podge.

Step 4

Stamping on the tin itself is a bit of a hit or miss affair.  As you can see with this stamp, the outside is fine, but the middle is missing.

If you are stamping near the edge of the tin, you have got a better chance of getting a good impression.

For guaranteed results it’s best to stamp on tissue and stick with watered down PVA.

For my lovely sunset tree, I cut a piece of tissue paper the shape of my tin, and stamped my image on that.

I mixed some PVA glue with water, and covered the lid of my tin with it, then placed the stamped tissue on top, and brushed the PVA mixture onto that as well.

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