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Free fun shaped card making templates for every occasion!

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apron template

Apron Card

Template designed by Sara Sandberg

Thread your ribbons through the holes, and add the pocket.

Add your adhesive above the score line of the back piece, and attach to the back of your front piece.

Add your adhesive to the top section, and glue this to the back of your decorated apron.

Lottie has made some beautiful examples of this card for us.

‘Hello I’m a Dreamer’ Apron Card

by Lottie

I chose to use the A5 template,  and as I am passionate about recycling, it was a great opportunity to use backs of my Christmas cards for the template and projects.

The faux stitching was purposely done freehand and not 'ruler' straight with a little knot at the bottom - as that is just the way I tend to stitch freehand. The pocket was so easy to use as an actual pocket,  to hold stamped and coloured pencils on thin card, the bottom of each trimmed at an angle and tucked inside, gave the apron an added texture and dimension.    

I used a scrap of natural bias binding tape which makes a nice 'hanger', to enable the card to be displayed on a wall - but it also has a sturdy stand by using another apron template made out of card, folding it just below the punch holes for the waist ties, then attaching it to the reverse, by gluing the top half to the card - so that the bottom half makes a sturdy stand - it also covers the ribbons/tape very neatly at the back.

{Click here for another lovely version of this template}