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 Sara Sandberg 2017

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Arch Gatefold Template

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

If you have a 1” circle punch, before cutting out the template, cut a rough piece into the centre as shown.

Turn your circle punch upside down so that you can see the lines, and punch the circles out.

Now cut up to the punched circles as shown, and continue cutting the template out.

Alternatively you can use the template without cutting the inside out.

Step 4

To allow for different thicknesses of card, and to ensure your doors meet perfectly in the middle, fold a door over, and hold it in place while you press down the fold. Push the fold down at the centre and push out to the edge. (I held it in place while using the bone folder, but had to take my hand off to take the photo!)

Step 5

I cut two extra doors, and used Fresco paints with the Fresco crackle glaze. You can see how to do this technique here.

Step 6

I wrapped thin wire round the top of a Tim Holtz charm clip, cut a small slit in the door front and poked the wire through. I then stuck the wire down, and attached the door front to the main card.

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Arch Gatefold 2

Arch Gatefold Card

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

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