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Free fun shaped card making templates for every occasion!

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Some ideas to get you going;

Use a photo you like - scan it onto your computer and print it onto the image transfer paper

Copyright free images from the internet

Make up your own piece of artwork - take a photo, upload it to the computer and print it off

Why not give it a try - and surprise a friend with a unique gift

I scanned a card of a water colour painting a friend had created of a butterfly on a flower, transferred it to a bag, then painted over most of it with acrylic paint, using white and black pens to accentuate the legs and 'feelers'.   It looked lovely just as a transfer, but as it was a gift to the artist, I wanted it to look as though she had just painted it - which it did.

Hessian or jute bags are lovely to paint on with acrylic paints - and you can create wonderful effects using stencils or masks to paint over.

I can vouch for how wonderful it is to receive a gift like this, as Lottie made the bag on the left here for me. The photo she has used is from one of my favourite holidays, and is of two of my children on a rock at a Danish beach on a really wild evening - the sky and scenery were fantastic!

I keep it hanging in my craft room - it’s even better than a photo in a frame! I use it to put the swaps in as they  arrive.

It is so easy to decorate a 'bag for life' and each one you do can be totally original.

I have used both cotton and jute bags - easily available on the internet at reasonable prices.

The easiest and quickest way to decorate a bag is to use image transfer paper - again readily available on the internet.  There are different makes and different sorts of image transfer papers, so make sure you choose one that will work with not only your design, but also whether you are using an inkjet or laser printer.

It really is so simple.  you print out your image, wording, or design onto the transfer paper - then iron it on, peel off the backing paper - job done!

Altered Bag for Life

by Lottie

Our lovely talented Lottie shows you how to make a bag for life something you really will want to keep forever.