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Bag Tag

Project designed by Sara Sandberg

Never be stuck at an airport carousel wondering which bag is yours again with this fun project!

First, cut a piece of chipboard or greyboard to the size tag you would like to make.  I have made my tag 10 x 15 cm. I use a stanley knife and metal ruler to cut my board.

I have used my new friend the Round-it-All to round the corners, but you could cut them off straight, or leave them as sharp corners.

You could now use your tag as a stencil, and cut out some patterned paper to cover it with, as I have done with the right hand tag, or paint and stamp it.

To prime or not to prime?

That is the question!  Some don?t, but I find it makes the colour of the product you use next truer, as you can see below;

Top right the board is primed and then sprayed with  Butterscotch Adirondack Color Wash.

Middle right the board is sprayed with the Butterscotch Color Wash with no priming underneath.

Bottom right the board is primed on the left hand side, and then painted all over so you can see how priming brightens the colour.

When you want a stamped image to go across another without stamping on top of the image, tear pieces of scrap paper and lay them over the images as a mask.  I use torn post it notes so that the sticky bit keeps it in place.

A Krylon pen finishes the edges nicely.

And a Crop-a-dile punches the hole easily.

I have just left my bag tags like this, but you can of course add some layers of varnish or Mod Podge to protect them from rain.

I pop my mobile number (with country dialling code) on the back with my surname in case my bag goes astray.