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Book Card

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Book Card Template

You can make this card a work of art very easily! This is one project where you simply must see the Design Team’s cards before you begin! They will fill you with inspiration.

Don’t be put off by the frame of this card - watch the video instructions to see how easy it is to put together!

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg.

Our Design Team cards

Page 407

Click on the picture to the right to watch a video of our Design Team cards. You can see them individually at the end of the project.

Instruction Video

The video below shows you just how easy this card is to make! It also shows you how to turn it into a shaker card.

Step 1

Cut out the frame template and score and fold the score lines.

Step 2

Fold the inside flap in towards you and add adhesive as shown.

Step 3

Fold the bottom up to meet it, and press it down as shown.

Step 4

Now take the side flap and turn it in as shown, and add adhesive.

Step 5

Do the same for the remaining two sides, then push the frame into shape.

Take one corner at a time, and hold it together, then add some double sided tape across to hold it in place. This can also be used to help attach the frame when you’re finished.

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Book Card 2