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Book Folding

It was a wet Friday afternoon when the postman delivered a brown paper package - not tied up in string, but inside was what is now my favourite thing!

I opened the package to find a book, and when I opened the book I was stunned.  I was holding the most incredible creation, and I felt really humbled to have received it - it should be in a gallery or museum! There was nothing at all on the packaging or inside to say who it was from - but I knew!  The attention to details in every way screamed the talent of Liz Gale!

There are lots of websites popping up with free tutorials for book folding, and with patterns you can buy.  If you google ‘book folding’ you will find a wealth of information - do a search on YouTube too for some great tutorials.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing Liz’s book, and that it has brought you inspiration.  She selected the book from a charity shop, choosing it for it’s size and the number of pages.  She made me smile when she said she was half way through when she noticed a naughty word on one of the pages! She had a slight concern that it didn’t go with the yogic theme, but was too far in to change!  I think her story adds colour to the project!

Thank you so much Liz for such a thoughtful, and special gift.  I will treasure it forever.