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Brusho Tips

Brushos have a magical quality in the way they come to life, they are inexpensive, and last forever! A perfect combination!

Before you do anything!

Your Brushos will arrive in little white pots that have no indication of the magic held within! Your first instinct will be to pull the seal off and pop open your pot - but WAIT!!!  

At our Cambridge get together, Jill showed us that a little goes a very long way with Brushos. It works best if you pierce the top of the pot to make it into a Brusho version of a salt or pepper cellar. The pot lid is a soft plastic and very easy to pierce. I used my Tim Holtz paper piercer.

A little shake!

Just a little shake on to your cardstock, as if you were putting very hot pepper on to your dinner! You only need the tiniest amount. Then spray with water - and it magically comes to life!

Some of the colours have different colours within them, others are pure colour which has different depths depending on how diluted the crystals have become.

Things to do with Brushos!

Think about the way you use spray inks, and you will instantly come up with ideas on how to use your Brushos.  

Luckily for me I remembered Hilda’s advice, and stopped myself - for inside is a very fine powdered paint, which if not handled very carefully will spread far and wide and possibly high too!

Add a bit of salt!

Season your Brushos with a dash of salt! Sea salt, sprinkled carefully over your wet creation gives a beautiful effect.

Be generous with your sprinkling of paint and water, then gently sprinkle some sea salt crystals over it as shown below.

As the Brusho dries, the colour gathers around the salt and leaves a crystalised pattern.

Once dry, just brush the salt crystals off, stand back and admire your creation!


Create an effect using the resist technique. There are various ways to do this.

You can get clear wax crayons from art shops, or use a slice of candle!

Cover areas with a clear varnish or glue such as Glossy Accents, and leave it to dry.

Sprinkling Brushos onto wet Glossy Accents is a nice effect too - they melt into it as it dries.

When dry, sprinkle your Brushos over and spray with water, then gently wipe off the glossy or wax surfaces.

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