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Cake Stand

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cake stand template

Project and template designed by Sally Harvey

Step 1

Step 2

First print out the template onto paper and cut out, then use this as a template for the mountboard or thick card.  Cut out the two leg/base pieces, cutting a narrow slot where the lines are.  

Next comes the fun part, decorate the pieces however you wish. Paints, inks, papers.  Use rubber stamps, glitter, beads - anything you like but remember if you want to put cakes on the top, keep it flat!

Once your glue, paint etc is all dry, you can start to assemble the stand.  First fit the two base pieces together. Usually they fit together really tightly so no need for glue but add a little into the slots if it feels a little loose.

Step 3

Next you need to apply the strong glue along the top edges of the base.  Through trial and error I found that Glossy Accents did the best job.  Now to position the base centrally I found that putting the top flat on the table and then positioning the base by eye worked fine but you can mark the centre point if you wish.

Tadaaa!  Now you have your Cupcake Stand!

Handy hints :

Edges can be finished off with a matching inkpad rubbed over them.  Or you can use some glitter glue or even a string of beads!

If you plan on putting actual cupcakes on the stand I would advise cutting an acetate circle the same size just to protect your hard work from greasy marks!

You can size the template up and make bigger stands that can hold a large cake but probably best not to try and cut it on the stand - it is only made of card after all!

Thank you to Sally for that wonderful project - great for fundraising events as well as for gifts.

I had great fun making a mini version - you can see the video showing how I made it below.

Cigar Box Hanger

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