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 Sara Sandberg 2017

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Car Shaped Card

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

This card was designed for my son Max’s 17th birthday - the last of the Sandberg children to reach driving age! It is an exact replica of the little green car they all three share now - although each year it’s shape has changed slightly! (Max said last year “It won’t even look like a car by the time I get it!”) Let’s hope it doesn’t change any more!

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Car Instructions

You need all three templates for your car - I have separated them to make it easier for you (hopefully!)


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PDF Black Pieces

Car Templates


Instructions PDF

PDF templates

GSD files

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MTC files

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Zip files

Please see the PDF template for where to score your card.

PDF Lights

PDF Outside Pieces

car_shaped_card_outside.pdf car_shaped_card_lights_etc.pdf car_shaped_card_instructions.pdf car_shaped_card_pdf_files.zip car_shaped_card_gsd_files.zip car_shaped_card_studio_files.zip car_shaped_card_svg_files.zip