Sara Sandberg 2018


Cat Shaped Card Instructions

Step 1

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

Step 2

I have cut all the parts out in card, and then cut the top face piece (the piece with smaller ears), the paws and the body piece with the tail out of patterned paper.

Stick the patterned pieces on to the matching card pieces and ink the edges to add depth.

Now draw the cat’s face. I used thin black wire for the whiskers.

Stick the cat face onto the cat head with bigger ears.

Step 3

Step 5

Take the top cat piece, with the tail, and add your adhesive as shown above. Make sure you do not put any glue on the tail.

Step 6

Holding the tail out of the way (carefully so as not to bend it) slide the head in and glue in place.

Now add the paws. I have put my paws on small dimensional pads. Now gently just let the tail lie loose in front of the cat.

Step 4

Take the cat base piece with the scored line, and add your adhesive above the line. Now stick the identical piece without the score line on top.