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Free fun shaped card making templates for every occasion!

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Changing picture card

A huge thank you to Sheila Sturrock - it was her book Making Mechanical Cards where I saw this project, and Sheila has very kindly allowed me to share the project with you. Sheila has a real love of mechanical cards, and her book is a real delight.

I have created the templates for this project in all the file formats, and have made them so that it is really easy for you to see where to place your picture.

Please don’t look at this and assume it’s going to be difficult - I have put a mega number of photos here, it will take you longer to look at them than to make the card!  Watch the video below and see how simple it really is!

{click here for the template}

Changing Picture Template

Step 1

Feed the prongs of the picture through the slits as shown.

{click here for the next steps}

Changing Picture Card Down (child)

I have used Serif’s Craftartist to put a picture of Nicole on the jpg template to save having to stick it on. Doing it this way is easier when cutting, and also makes the picture glide easier. If you are sticking a picture on to the template, do so now, and make sure the picture has glue covering the back and sticks down well so that when the slits are cut there are no sticky up bits as these will catch as the picture slides.

Use a metal edged ruler to cut the lines out within the templates. Join up the lines over the picture to see where the cut lines are, as shown.

Once all the inside lines are cut, cut out the outside of the templates.

Step 2

Step 3

Fold the edges of the back piece up along the green lines.

Step 4

Thread the pull tab through the slit as shown.

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