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Card Weight and Thickness

Tuck it under your pictures as shown, but not pushed down close - the important thing to remember with this card is give it space to breath! If anything is pulled in too tight, it will stop free movement.

When you have it in place, fold it down, hold it lightly in place and pull the backing paper out of the double sided tape.

Step 7

Now lift the back flap that you just attached up to reveal those little tabs - remember the loose ends are at the top - now put a bit of glue at the very tips of them which will stick them to that flap in a moment.

Important - the glue must be on the very tips to give free movement to your slider. It must be a small amount of glue - if it spills over when you pull the flap over, it may ooze through to the front and everything will be one lovely stationery picture!

Fold the backing flap over, and make sure it sticks. Have you noticed I have tweaked my backing of the double sided tape ready?! Don’t be tempted to do the next stage before the tabs have stuck to the backing here - if they are not stuck it won’t work! It’s worth being patient!

Is it dry? Are you sure?! Ok, you can now flip the bottom edge under and release the backing and stick it down.

Changing picture card continued . . .

Step 5

Turn your piece over, with the loose bits of the cut pictures at the top as shown.

Step 6

Take the back piece and put double sided tape or adhesive on the flap as shown. If using double sided tape, take the backing off 1cm and fold it out as shown.

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