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Step 10

Now we have the back sorted, let’s finish off the front with the frame. Remember, this card needs room to breath and move! Put your adhesive in the very edge of the corners so as not to restrict the movement.

Now this is a changing picture topper, which you can now add to a folded card the same size, or to a scrapbook page or any other project. Wherever you are attaching your changing picture remember - it needs room to move! Only place the adhesive at the very outer edges or corners of the back.




Design Team Cards

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Changing picture card continued . . .

Step 8

Whoooaaaa - so many pictures, so little time it takes!!! Once you’ve done one, you will take a quick flick at these pictures and know exactly what you are doing!

Now, try it out - slide your picture in and out. How does the slider tab feel - is it strong, or do you think it needs to be made stronger? If it needs reinforsing, cut a strip of card to stick behind it - but it is important that strip is stuck behind it far enough down so as not to catch on anything as the mechanism is operated! Before attaching it, pull the tab fully out, so that you can see where it needs to go.

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