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 Sara Sandberg 2017

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Draw round the back part of the mug onto the foam board, and cut it out with a craft knife.  It’s a good idea to cut the aperture slightly bigger on the foam board.  I like to cover the sides of the foam board with glitter or micro beads, and it’s a lot easier to do that now than once the card is made up!

Turn your mug over so that the back of the mug is face up.  Attach a piece of acetate to cover the aperture.

Now attach the foamboard on top of the acetate.  

Sprinkle some coffee beans on the acetate – not too many as they need to be able to move about, and if you’ve written a message at the back it needs to be seen!

If you are putting a message behind the beans, print it off on card now.

Turn your card over, and place it over your printed out message so that the message appears in the right place in the aperture.  Don’t put the message too low, as the coffee beans will cover it when the card is stood up.

Draw round the card and cut out your piece of card.

Place your cut out piece of card on a upside down mousemat or piece of foam, and pin prick patterns in it – this releases the lovely smell of coffee in your card!

Attach the back cover.

Decorate the front of your mug while the beads or glitter dries.  Inking the edges helps to give the mug that 3d look.

The recipient will get a lovely whiff of coffee when they take this novel card out of it’s box!

To make this Coffee Mug Shaker Card you will need some foam board.  I buy mine in Hobbycraft – it comes in great big sheets and is with the mount board.  I imagine other art shops will sell it too.  It is about  7 m thick, and is foam in the middle, and card each side.You will also need a sheet of acetate, some coffee beans, card and double sided tape.  Glitter or beads make a nice finishing touch too. I designed this card for our lovely friend Graeme’s birthday.

This card is designed to fit a 15 cm x 15 cm card box.  The template to make one yourself is here.

Coffee Cup Shaker

{click here for template}

coffe mug

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