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Converse Boot Shaped Card

{Click here for the templates}

converse boot template

Step 1

Cut out your templates. You need two of each item, the back pieces have a score line through them. You could just make the back piece plain, however I think making it the other side of the shoe gives it the wow factor!

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

I have inked the edges using a piece of Cut-n-dry foam. I have a piece of foam for each of a few favourite colours I keep in my drawer.  It’s better to use the sponge gently on the edges and to build the colour up to avoid splodges..

Add the eyelets to the lace holes. If you are cutting the templates by hand, you can of course punch the holes and add real eyelets.

We are now going to stick the outside of the boot to the inside - it is important that you do not put the glue near the lace holes! Otherwise you won’t be able to thread the laces.

My glue does not go further left than the yellow line. Stick it to your inside piece as shown below.

Step 5

Add the trim piece to the bottom.

Step 6

Add the white circle and sole. Cuttlebug do circular embossing folders which are exactly the right size! If you wish to print your own text, see our ‘how to type text in a circle’ tutorial.

Step 7

Thread the laces. A Kwik-thread will make this really quick and easy!

Now repeat the steps to build up the back piece. The score lines show where to fold the back piece, add your adhesive above the score line to attach it to the front.

Step 8

Inside piece

Outside piece



Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

This boot is A5 size and fits an C5 envelope.