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Craft Kit

A craft kit is a very personal thing. We all have different things that become our most used items. Below are some of the things I find most useful.


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Craft Kit (2)

I use these huge Fiskars scissors for nearly all my cutting. I know they are big, but I love them!

The Tim Holtz scissors are non-stick and very strong, so I use those for cutting my double sided tape, and for cutting wire and things that might damage my Fiskars.

These little Cutterbee scissors have a really pointed end, and are great for getting right in to corners for decoupage.


I use retractable pencils as they stay nice and sharp. I have a Judikins ruler for cutting along, as it has a metal edge, and the grid printed on it is great for lining up. However, I don’t find it very quick and easy to see the measurements, so I have a cheap plastic one I use for most of my measuring.


I have a heavy duty Dahle guillotine for cutting several sheets, or thicker card.

I also have two Fiskars Euro Trimmers. These are really useful - you can cut apertures easily with them too. The reason I have two is I keep one with a scoring blade in, and one with a cutting blade. Extravagant I know!

I also have my Fiskars knife which I use with a self healing cutting mat - obviously the pictures here are not in proportion - that would be extremely scary!