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I do use double sided tape from time to time, but mostly I use my ATG gun. Although it looks big and cumbersome, it really is very light and extremely easy to use. A roll of tape just goes on and on, lasting for ages! I did a test of different adhesives, and the ATG was by far the best, so I know my cards aren’t going to fall apart when I use this.

I use Hi-Tack PVA glue, which I transfer into my Fine Tip applicator

I also use Glossy Accents a lot - and it now comes in small bottles which are a lot nicer to hold, and don’t get blocked as easily.

Other useful items

I couldn’t be without these Tweezerbee tweezers, they are so good at picking things up, even little diamonte gems.

A Kwik-Thread (a tool I designed!) comes in handy for lots of things - another thing I couldn’t be without!

A Crop-a-dile is a really useful tool, as it can punch holes through absolutely anything - even CD’s and chipboard. It is a brad and eyelet setter too, but I prefer to use my old eyelet setter with a huge hammer!

A skewer is another useful thing in my draw - useful for all sorts of things but mostly used for wrapping wire round to make a coil. I also use my eyelet setter for this too. I do, of course, use it for setting eyelets too!

I have two little hand punch circles in my draw, with the flaps pulled off so that I can draw a dot where I want the hole, and move the punch until I see the dot through the hole of the punch.

I use a heat gun and non-stick sheet for most projects too.

Other Useful things

Long pins for unclogging.

Cocktail Sticks

Cut n Dry Foam for inking edges

Bone folder

Water spray

{Card Matting}

Card Matting