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Our Elephant Template Gift to Craft Stamper Readers

Welcome to Cardmaking Paradise!  The talented designers at Craft Stamper have made some beautiful creations using this template, and here it is so you can have fun with it too!

The beauty of using templates like these is that you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like. If you are limited with time, using the template with just a patterned paper looks great. If you have more time, using the different mediums to create a special piece as the Craft Stamper designers have shown us is a great fun way to use them.  

If you are new to crafting we have lots of free tutorials on how to use the different products on our site, and of course the Craft Stamper magazine will keep you inspired throughout the year.


If you are having trouble with downloading the PDF file, please click here and ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat installed.


Please see the PDF Back template to see where to score your card.

When clicking the template links, if your computer settings are not allowing them to open as you would expect, right click the link and select ‘save link as’ - you can then save it direct to your computer.

Instructions PDF

Elephant  Front  A4 PDF

I have included templates for US Ltr size and UK A4 size to prevent resizing issues when printing. The template comes in two parts; a front piece, and the back and middle pieces.

Elephant  Back  A4 PDF

Elephant  Front  US ltr PDF

Elephant  Back  US Ltr PDF

Elephant  Studio File

Elephant  GSD Files

Elephant  MTC Files

Elephant  SVG Files

Elephant Shaped Card Templates

Hand Cutters PDF files


Electronic files

elephant_shaped_card_front_ukA4.pdf elephant_shaped_card_back_middle_ukA4.pdf elephant_shaped_card_front_usltr.pdf elephant_shaped_card_back_middle_usltr.pdf

If you have had fun using this template, take a look at our other projects here.  You will find some more free projects on our A-Z of projects page, or alternatively you can access and download our entire collection for just £15! Click here for more information.