First of all, take a piece of A4 thin red card or paper, and cut 10 x 1 cm strips off the long side.

Take a cylindrical instrument (I have used an eyelet setter) and pull your strips over the instrument holding it close with your thumb to put it in the mood for rolling!

Take 2 strips and join them together to make an extra long strip.

Using the tool you just used to get your paper in the mood,  wrap your strip round it to start a coil.  Coil the whole strip. When you have finished and put your coil down on your work surface it should look like this;

Now, we need 5 of these coils, and we need them to be the same size.   I have used the Stampin’ Up! 1” hole punch here.   Punch a circle in a piece of card.  Now, when you have coiled your strip of paper, put it down in the punched hole.   When you let go, the coil relaxes, and so you pick it up when it fills the hole, pop some glue on the end and stick it down.

Squeeze one side of the coiled circle to make a teardrop shape.  Now, you need to make another 4 of these!!!

Cut 2 x 0.75 cm strips of yellow paper/thin card, stick them together to make a long strip, and coil it tightly for the centre.

Loop your thread through the centre and tie the ends together.  Pull the thread so that the knot is in the centre, which will be hidden by beads.

Lay your pieces out where they should be, and one b one glue them into place.

When your decoration is dry, cover the yellow coil with glue - I have used Ranger Glossy Accents as it dries clear, and is great for sticking beads.  Now drop lots of micro beads on top to bring it up to the red strip level.   The yellow coil makes it look neat from behind.

Don’t you think this would look good mounted on a piece of card as a napkin holder?


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