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First of all, take a piece of red card, and cutting lengthways, cut yourself lots of 1 cm strips .

Take one of these strips, and cut 3 pieces off it;

1 x 10 cm

1 x 8 cm

1 x 6 cm

Fold each piece in half.

I embossed my smaller pieces with the Cuttlebug

When you have made all 6, join them together by gluing just the end as you did before.

Take  the smallest folded piece, and put some glue at the very top outside edge of one side.

Attach the next size up piece to this as shown.  Put glue on the other outside top of the smallest piece, and close the bigger piece up onto it.

Attach the last piece in the same way, so that you end up with something looking like this.

Now you need to make another 5 of these!

Put the next piece onto the glue, and hold it to make sure it sticks well.

When all 6 are joined up, leave them to dry completely before joining them up into the star shape.  

These would be a lovely thing for the children to make for their teacher’s present at Christmas!

I have put my smaller pieces, which will be the outside of the star, through the cuttlebug to emboss them before putting my star together.

These are basically skinny star books!   So if you haven’t tried a star book yet, once you’ve seen how easy these are to make, you can try the Star Book Project!

There are two ways you can attach the gold thread here.  You can either stick it to the inside as shown here on the left, before you join the star up, or you can punch a hole through one of the points, and thread your gold thread through the hole.

Make sure you have left your star to dry completely before joining the final pieces.  Stick them together in the same way, and hold the pieces together to make sure the glue sticks!

How about trying some stars in different colours?  Or different shaded strips?

This is the mini container from the Advent Carton project in Christmas Set 2  Here I have embossed red card with the lovely swirl from the Stamping’ Up! Season of Joy set, and filled the popsicle with M&M’s.  Visiting children can then have one off the tree to take home!

Star Decoration

{Click here for poinsetta decoration}


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