Sara Sandberg 2018


Double Slider Card Instructions

Step 1

Project and template designed by Sara Sandberg

Step 2

Step 3

Place your cut out template on the surface with the slider section on the right as shown above.

Fold the right hand side in, and then fold the left hand side over it.

This will be the front of the card, so it’s time to decorate it! If you are using the bow, click here for the instructions.

Step 4

Once you have decorated the front, open your card out again as in step 1. Now cut a strip of plastic bag slightly thinner than the cut out, and long enough to wrap round.

Step 5

Wrap the plastic strip round the card as shown, overlapping at the top by about 1cm. Stick it together - I use double sided tape and glue!  

Step 6

There are two slider pieces, one longer than the other. The longer one is the one you need now. The shorter one is to use instead of the cow if you like.

Step 7

Decorate your slider piece, but bear in mind only the bottom section will show. I just decorate the background, and finish decorating it when it is in place which makes it easier for placement.

Step 8

Add your adhesive to the top of the plastic strip, on the join as shown in Step 7, and stick your slider piece face down on to it, so that the back of it is facing up.

If you are making the cow, click the link below to go to the instructions to put that together now.

If you are not using the cow, decorate the remaining slider panel as you wish, and then click the link below to continue with the next steps

{Click here for the next steps}

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