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Wood Effect

By Sara Sandberg

I am not claiming this is a work of art, it’s how I draw a wood effect! I think the worse you are at drawing, the easier it is as wonky lines work well!

If you don’t fancy drawing lines, an alternative is to Google ‘wood effect background’ and select ‘images’.  You will then get a lovely selection of wood backgrounds you can print off.

Step 1

Draw some straight lines for the planks. Do one plank at a time. Add a few random oval dots to one plank.

Step 2

Now draw some wobbly ovals around those dots.

Step 3

Starting in the middle of the plank, draw a line across going around the knots.

Step 4

Keep going, don’t worry what it looks like, when they are all done it will look fine!

Step 5

You could now go over the drawn lines with a lighter brown pencil, or watercolour over it. You can use distress inks to watercolour by dabbing them on a non stick sheet and spritzing with water.  I have used Copic Markers, numbers E51 andE33.

The project I have created this wood effect for is the Shed shaped card with pull tab, open flap mechanism.