Sara Sandberg 2018


Double Slider Card Instructions (continued)

Step 9

Step 10

Turn your slider panel over and add adhesive to the bottom of the plastic as shown above.

Add your cow, or alternative, to the adhesive fitting snuggly between top and bottom.

Add adhesive to the small tab as shown.

Step 11

Step 12

Step 13

Step 14

Carefully tuck the tab BEHIND the cow/alternative and glue as shown above. If you are using a layered piece such as the cow, try and stick it so that it makes the front slightly bowed, as shown above on the right. This just gives a bit of space to allow the cow to run freely and not get caught.

Add adhesive above the score line of the back piece, and add it to your main card. Fold the card up from the score line, and open it flat before putting it down on your surface to write in.

Pull down the tab and add your message.